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Our beer
Švabin beer is a guide to
the world of adventure.
Experiencing the exciting times
accompanied by exciting beer.
After losing his grandfather and the elixir recipe, Jan inherited the brewery and restored its formula. He also became a wizard and gained immortality.
Jan was producing beer in a brewery built by his grandfather shortly before the 30-year war. His grandfather came up with an elixir that allowed him to travel through time.
Pivovar Jan
The Švabin brewery was founded in 1567 near Zbiroh by Ladislav Lobkowicz, a high-ranking official of the Czech royal chamber and a member of the Trinity secret society, which was created to protect humanity from the other world creatures.
Ladislav set up an alchemical laboratory within the brewery walls, where he created and brewed an elixir that allowed him to travel through time.
The brewery was captured by dark powers in 1619, after it was inherited by Ladislav's grandson Jan.
Jan was bewitched by dark powers and the brewery was taken from him. This happened shortly before the start of the Thirty Years' War. Jan managed to escape thanks to his grandfather's elixir.

Centuries later the brewery was freed from the dark powers and restored, along with the ancient elixir recipe. Nowadays the beer that meets the spirit of the time is brewed within its walls, and it is believed that it still carries the power that once allowed Ladislav, and later Jan, to evoke the necessary states and appearances to be able to travel through time.
Today's Švabin beer is a guide to the world of adventure. Experiencing exciting times accompanied by exciting beer. Whether you're joining us in one of our bars or sitting on your couch at home, make sure you're ready for an exciting journey with a beer that takes you to a new (desired world) with every sip.
Secret Brotherhood of the Holy Trinity
Since 1592, the Brotherhood has been fighting to maintain the balance in our world, preventing the dark forces from tipping the scales and plunging our planet into chaos. Agents in different countries fight the dark forces invisible to the naked eye, and for their meetings they gather in institutions called Trinity scattered around the world.
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