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Here at Švabin we’re dedicated to crafting delicious alcoholic beer you can enjoy anytime and anywhere with no worries. Unlike other alcoholic beer, ours are crafted with a proprietary process that allows us to maintain full flavor – which is why ours continue to win numerous awards when up against full-strength beers. Skeptical? So were some of our biggest fans before their first sip.
In 1567, the Švabin brewery was founded by Ladislav Lobkowicz near Zbiroh.
He was a high-ranking official of the Czech royal chamber, But he was also a member of the Trinity Secret Society. The secret society aimed to protect humanity from otherworldly creatures.
Ladislav created an elixir that helped him travel through time in an alchemical laboratory within the brewery.
Unfortunately, the brewery was taken over by dark powers in 1619, and inherited by Ladislav's grandson Jan, who was bewitched. However, Jan managed to escape using his grandfather's elixir. After centuries, the brewery was finally freed from the dark powers, and the ancient elixir recipe was restored. Today, the beer brewed in the Švabin brewery still holds the power to evoke necessary states and appearances to adventures.

Švabin today
Today's Švabin beer is a guide to the world of adventure.
Experiencing the exciting times
accompanied by exciting beer.
Whether you're joining us in one of our bars or sitting on your couch at home, make sure you're ready for an exciting journey with a beer that takes you on a new journey with every sip.
Our team
Švabin Brewery is a craft brewery with Jakub Rendl as a brewmaster, who is part of our team and previously founded
and owned the Crazy Clown flying craft brewery. At Švabin,
we have a passion for craft beer and adventures. Our mission is to create beer that inspires adventure and transfers you to new worlds with every sip.